Cambridgeshire data

CBC Ringing Reports
Michael Holdsworth

Ringing Reports are published in the annual Cambridgeshire Bird Report, available as part of CBC membership. Join for £17/12 here. Reports come online here after a delay, as below.

Longer-term runs of data are at the bottom of this page.

Ringing Report 2019
Ringing Report 2018
Ringing Report 2017
Ringing Report 2016
Ringing Report 2015
Ringing Report 2014
Ringing Report 2013
Ringing Report 2012
Ringing Report 2011

and for earlier years see CBC Cambridgeshire Bird Reports


Long-run Cambridgeshire ringing data

Cambridgeshire ringing totals 2008-18
Cambridgeshire species rankings 2009-18
Cambridgeshire ringing totals quinquennia 1968-2017