European ring-recoveries to 1975

Gerhardt Zink: Der Zug Europäischer Singvögel:
ein Atlas der Wiederfunde beringte Vögel

Vogelwarte Radofzell. Lieferung II 1975

[Spotted Flycatcher section here in English]

Zink’s monumental three volumes – The Migration of European Songbirds: an Atlas of the Recoveries of Ringed Birds – contain accounts of individual species supported by detailed hand-drawn large-format maps. It provides a Europe-wide supplement to the BTO’s Migration Atlas. Although these maps are nearly fifty years old, the decline in Flycatcher numbers suggest that the recent period would not necessarily add very much to the general patterns revealed, at least within continental Europe itself. Most of the ring-recoveries mapped resulted from trapping and shooting in the autumn; there are only a handful of records from south of the Sahara.